Bonfire – Digital Marketing Agency Perth


We just launched our new brand – BONFIRE.

Bonfire Logo

Bonfire is Perth’s most experienced Digital Marketing Agency.

Our services include…

  1. SEO
  2. Adwords Management
  3. Web Design
  4. Strategic Consulting
Our Unique Selling Proposition is…
  1. Our EXPERIENCE – since 1996
  2. Our RESULTS – speak for themselves
  3. Our FORMULA – continually being refined
Our Brand Values are…
  1. Customer centric & drive real value
  2. We deliver a Premium experience
  3. We expect high performance in each other
  4. Continue to invest as a company in the company

Perth Immigration Agent


We created a new website for a Perth Immigration Agent and are also doing their SEO.
AV DownUnder specialises in 457 Visa, Student Visa Australia, Business Visa Australia, and Spouse Visa Australia.

I think the site and the client will do well.

A new hobby blog


I have gotten  back into sailing over the last couple of weeks and decided to start up a new Contender Class blog to create a usual resource of Contender information and links.

AUS 2195

Me and my new Contender "En Garde"

CEO of ineedhits


Boss Cup

I am excited to step back in as the CEO of ineedhits.

We are ready to expand again due to the combination of great people, great customers (over 5,000 active each month!), great products and services, great partners and also great technology. Yes I know, that’s a lot of ‘greats’, but that is truly how I feel – we are on the tipping point.

Here is a little press on the matter.

Clay Cook dominates Google


Image from here.

About a month ago I decided it was about time I started to concentrate on my “Google Reputation Management”, with my first goal being “to rank #1 in Google for the search term Clay Cook“.

I must admit that it has always got under my skin a little that a fairly well known singer (same name) has dominated Google when people search for me, especially annoying since I have so much SEO knowledge but have never bothered to utilize it for my own personal use.

I figured enough was enough, and hence why I finally got off my bum and set up this blog on my own domain. Amongst other strategies, ineedhits has helped me out also.

Happy to report that I already have achieved the following Google rankings…

ineedhits Charity


I am happy to see that ineedhits is taking part in more and more charities as it matures.

Just two weeks ago Rachel and I attended our oldest child’s local primary school quiz night and silent auction fundraising event, where we donated three Google Local Advertising packages (12 mths each) which raised close to $1000 ($650 + $210 + $105) for the school (of the total $11,000 raised on the night).

A couple days later Warren Duff (ineedhits CEO) slept outside (on the Subiaco Oval) with many other Perth CEOs to help raise close to $500k for Australia’s homeless. The event was Vinnies CEO Sleepout – Warren raised a very credible $1635 of the $2.85M.

Now I hear that most of the ineedhits staff are planning on running in Perth’s City to Surf. I will definitely be using my ruptured Achilles tendon as the excuse on this one.

A big thanks to all ineedhits staff from me – job well done!

And you thought SEO was easy


Click image for full size

And you thought SEO was easy… well think again.

We work bloody hard on all of your Search Engine Marketing to achieve happy ineedhits customers ;)

Claimed on Minti


Photo from here.

I have decided to claim my main blog (ie: this blog) on my Minti member blog and “share the love”.

Why? Because I am blogging here far more often than on my Minti blog and as a result I am missing the Minti mum’s input on what I have to share. This will allow them to see my contentI am creating and they can either comment on my Minti blog or comment here. Also hopefully at least 50% of the content I post will be relevant to Minti and Minti members.

All I have to do is add the following text on to this blog post…

Tinkered a little


I have tinkered a little with my blog this morning.

  1. Added SEO Ultimate wordpress plugin. Now I can control my Title and Meta Tags etc.
  2. Added my blog to Google Webmaster Tools. Now I can study my traffic and instruct/educate/direct Google a little more.
  3. Changed the settings to my “Popular Posts” section in my blog’s side bar. It now shows most popular posts of “all time”… well… since I uploaded my blog on to this domain a couple weeks back anyway. The reason my “Podcasts Vlogs” post is my most popular post is because up until a couple days ago the image I used for my head phones was coming up as #1 in the search results for Google images.

Minti makes Forbes Top 100 list


I was pleased to be informed this morning by a Forbes journalist that Minti made the Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women list.

Minti’s 40,000 mommy community has created over 11,000 parenting advice articles,  15,000 parenting questions (with answers), plus 200,000 blog posts that help over 10,000 moms (& mums) every single day!

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